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One of the tastiest tropical fruits, mangosteen has a sweet sharp taste that appeals to local people and visitors alike, Known as the “Queen of Fruits it is believed by ma that white juicy flesh can help revitalize and reduce the body temperature.

          Peak Season: May to August.
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.

One of the Most popular Thai fruits produced possible the best varieties of mango in the world. The flesh is yellow orange with it tastes very sweet when it ripe. Slice it open lengthwise and scoop out the flesh with the spoon.

          Peak Season: January to May.
          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.

The King of Thai fruits, the durian is a soft yellow fruit encased in a spiky shell. Others find the strong smell too much to take, you should try it once, but get a expert to open it. Because of the smell we prefer. You don’t have it in your hotel room!

          Peak Season: April to August.
          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.
Thai Longans are known as one of the best in the world, the sweet pinkish-white flesh is believed by many to energize the body and banish fatigue, A squeeze between thumb and forefinger will easily crack the thin shell, remove it and enjoy the delightfully sweet fruit. It is must to try.

          Peak Season: June to September.
          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.
Peel away the reddish ski. The flesh at it best deliciously sweet slightly sour and juicy. Avoid the shiny dark brown seeds.

          Season: May to June.
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.
There are two kinds of Pomelo in Thailand “TONG DEE” which are dark green skinned and round, with a sweet taste and juicy pink flesh “KAO NAMPUNG” (white honey pomelo) Which are yellow and green skinned with a sweet taste and white-yellow flesh Pomelo.

          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.
The most well known varicty for export available for all year round. The Klauy-Hom banana has a smooth, soft and easily torn skin turns golden colour or yellowish-green when reaches ripe.

          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Air Freight.
  Young Coconut
Fresh and plentiful all year round fruit can be cut when young and the milk makes a refreshing, healthy drink sipped straight from the shell with a straw, then scrabe out the soft white flesh with the spoon.

          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.
Its name in Thai implies “hairy”, which is easy to understand from its appearance. The red rubbery shell is easily removed with a slight knife cut. The translucent meat is mildly sweet.

          Season: May to July.
The fruit has a cylindrical shape, thick and covered with scars of eyes, The Thai Pineapple is especially rich in flavor, Try adding a little salt to bring out the flavor.
Season: All Year Round.

          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.
  Long Kong
          Season: All Year Round.
  Sweet Tamarind

A squeeze between thumb and forefinger will easily crack. The flesh is brown remove the bark and enjoy delightfully sweet & slightly sour taste

          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.

A huge fruit, Cut it in haft, and inside it has yellowist flesh in small tender segments. The taste is sweet and slightly tart. Often eaten chilled.

Storage: The seedy sections can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-5 days, and cab be stored in the deep-freeze for more than 2 months.

          Season: April to September.
  Japan Melon
The cantaloupe is round and elongated with a stiff rind. The flesh is juicy ad crisp when unripe and becomes soft when the fruit ripens. The colour ranges from orange to light green to dark green. The flesh has a pleasant aroma and is sweet. The rind is yellow and smooth, with a wavy or net-like white pattern covering the whole fruit. Some varieties have a ridgerunning along the entire length of the fruit.

          Peak Season: All year Round.
          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply : By Sea Freight & Air Freight.
  Rose Apple

The fruit is oblong and has small middle part The end is enlarged. The skin smooth with succulent flesh is crispy, fragrant & sweet.

          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Air Freight.

  Baby Papaya

Eat with a spoon, or knife and fork. Slice lengthwise and remove the little black seeds A squeeze of lime juice can enhance the smooth sweet taste of ripe baby papaya.

          Season: All Year Round.

  Baby Banana
          Weigh: approximately 50 gms./fruit. Thin skin
          Color: Golden yellow when it is ripe, the flesh is             yellowish white
          Taste: pungent sweet with appetizing fragrance
          Nutritional value: High carbohydrate and Vitamin             A, calcium and phorus
          Fruiting season: Glooway-kai is available during             August to November
          Storage: Keep the fresh fruit at room             temperature (25-30 C), it can be kept for 3-4             days.

The guava fruit is round and elongated, or round and flat. The colour is light green. The flesh is white thick and dense. The unripe fruit is crisp ad becomes soft when ripe. But some just a few seed, and some not seeds at all.

          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Air Freight.


Watermelons are large, oval shaped fruits. The mature fruit turns dark gree, or light green, or dark and light green alternating, depends on the variety. The flesh can be red or yellow, and sweet. The seeds are blackish brown and flat.

          Peak Season: All Year Round.
          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.

  Dragon Fruit

The dragon fruit is bright pink in colour and is enclosed with small green petal-like sheath leaves. The juicy flesh has a delicate sweet and slightly sour taste. There are a great number of small crunchy black seeds, which provide excellent dietary fiber. They provide vitamin C, potassium and have a high calcium content.

          Peak Season: May to October
          Season: All Year Round.
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.


The more or less round fruit is covered by a smooth Green, Yellow, orange and brown rind, sweet honey mandarind oranges has a thin, loose rind skin with easy to peel off. The taste range sweet and slightly sour juicy. It is must to try.

          Peak Season: Dec to March
          Supply: By Sea Freight & Air Freight.

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  Passion Fruit   Suppodilla  
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